Business model

Mikron Group
Led by the vision of “creating value with passion for precision” and Mikron’s mission statement, the Board of Directors periodically reviews the Group’s strategy. Unchanged, Mikron expects sales growth in the magnitude of 5% annually on average. In 2022, Mikron achieved an important milestone and improved the profitability beyond the original mid-term EBIT-margin of 5-7%. The Board of Directors did review the strategy in August 2022 and set a new profitability target for the EBIT-margin to 7-10%.

Mikron’s business model provides a solid foundation to successfully navigate through the current external environment, including the challenges posed by the corona pandemic. Customer needs are at the heart of Mikron’s business model. The Group offers its know-how to realize best solutions for its customers. In doing so, it builds on the following strengths.

Technical reference in its markets
Mikron strives to be the technology leader in all its markets.

Global partner
Proximity to its customers around the globe is a prerequisite to meet local requirements.

Skilled employees
The key to success is the employees with their competencies, skills, experience and drive for innovation.

First-class service
Continuously supporting customers’ production and finding solutions to their needs throughout the whole life cycle is crucial.

The systematic development of new solutions for the future is a prerequisite for mastering the challenges ahead. Value creation is the overriding goal of our Group to help build a better world for customers, employees, and shareholders. Based on customer-oriented leadership, our solutions create value for society by improving efficiency, quality, productivity, and sustainability. Continuous dialog with key stakeholders enables us to address their needs and gain insights into changing market requirements, future trends, and global developments. This helps Mikron understand the benefits stakeholders seek and respond quickly with appropriate solutions.

Embedded in the Group’s strategy, the business segments are well positioned:

Mikron Machining Solutions
Mikron Machining Solutions’ strategic objectives are to strengthen its leadership position in the rotary transfer machining niche, expand the service business by introducing additional services and addressing the whole installed machine base, and grow the cutting tool business. The business segment consists of the two divisions Mikron Machining and Mikron Tool. As an innovative technology leader, the Machining Solutions business segment offers its customers the best performing solution for high-volume production. In its niche, Mikron Machining competes mainly against other transfer machines, transfer center and multi-spindle machining center manufacturers. Over time, exposure to the European market will be reduced as newly developed products are rolled out. The business segment wants its customers to recognize its divisions Mikron Machining and Mikron Tool as international providers with the capability to adapt their innovative products quickly to specific needs and to execute projects efficiently with globally aligned key processes.

Mikron Automation
Mikron Automation’s strategy aims to provide customers with scalable and customized assembly systems – from the first idea to the highest-performance solutions. Mikron’s expertise and proven track record guarantee the best productivity for assembling customers’ products throughout the lifecycle. As the partner of choice for global blue-chip customers from the pharmaceutical and med-tech industries, it aims to maintain its leadership position in Europe and the US and to strengthen the footprint in Asia. Other customer segments such as the automotive industry, consumer goods and electronics are expected to contribute to its growth. Aligned processes, world-class project execution and in-depth experience of validation and obtaining all the required approvals (especially FDA) enable the Automation business segment to carry out projects across several sites and thus also deliver projects worth up to CHF 30 million.