Business performance

The Mikron Group again improved its earnings situation in the past financial year. Both business segments increased annual net sales and achieved good results. Strong demand in all of Mikron’s key markets, above-average growth in the Automation division, sales growth in the Machining division, and the Tool division’s good positioning were the key factors behind this pleasing performance. The Group’s net sales rose from CHF 309.4 million to CHF 370.2 million (+19.7%). At CHF 412.1 million, order intake surpassed the previous year’s record figure of CHF 408.0 million (+1.0%). The Group’s EBIT for 2023 amounts to CHF 35.3 million (2022: CHF 26.4 million, +33.7%), and the profit for the year is CHF 28.8 million (2022: CHF 24.2 million, +19.0%). The non-operating property in Nidau (Switzerland) contributed CHF 1.8 million to the Group’s EBIT, including a one-off positive effect of CHF 2.2 million resulting from the sale of the property.

All three divisions of the Mikron Group again  performed well in the 2023 financial year and achieved some important development targets on their way to realizing their growth and profitability ambitions on a sustainable basis. They made good use of the strong demand from their key target markets such as the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, the watchmaking sector, and the writing industry. The importance of the combustion engine as a sales market for Mikron is now

In the Mikron Automation business segment, the manufacturing capacity is fully utilized. The next expansion phase at the Boudry plant (Switzerland) is being analyzed. In Denver, Mikron Automation has rented additional manufacturing space, and in Shanghai the division will move its Chinese headquarters to larger premises in the first quarter of 2024.

The Mikron Machining division was able to further improve its result due to higher sales, while the Mikron Tool division once again brought numerous  innovations to market maturity, including the world’s smallest milling cutter. Mikron Tool was able to maintain the prior year’s record level in sales as well as constant growth in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

To counter rising inflation, all Mikron divisions regularly analyzed prices and made the necessary adjustments. Thanks to proactive discussions with suppliers and customers, the increases in raw material and energy prices did not have a significant impact on the Mikron Group’s profitability.

Mikron also succeeded in mitigating the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on profitability. The fact that the restrictions on global supply chains eased significantly from the second half of 2023 also had a positive impact on Group’s net sales and profitability.